BONUS: Marla Taviano Interviews Rohadi on His Writing Including His Latest Book, When We Belong

Check out this Bonus Episode! Season 7 opened with a cool interview where Gena Thomas hosted and I was the guest. We talked about my book, When We Belong. In this episode, my friend Marla Taviano, whose episode you can find here, asks me questions about the book and how the ideas flow into a renewed faith formation and the venture out of white religious hegemony. Topics we cover:

We talk about what books to read; what are some non-negotiables in the Christian faith?; on theodicy and why the resurrection; books for questions on atonement; on thinking in new ways; decolonizing Christianity; a conversation for budding authors – one writing.

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
BONUS: Faith formation out of whiteness

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