Episode #46 with author Marla Taviano

Marla shares a story about moving away from, and re-discovering, new roads of faith and spirituality. Making sense of Christianity after deconstructing takes time. The journey is fraught with loss, but there are pathways unto better. Here’s what’s in store.

Show Notes

  • We meet Marla and talk about her numerous books over the years.
  • Taking a look at her latest publication, “unbelieve. poems on the journey to becoming a heretic”;
  • Catalysts into deconstruction and becoming aware of the downfalls of white evangelicalism. Including books, relationships, political change, and taking the Bible seriously;
  • Challenging historical assumption of white hegemony;
  • On farts. Her book “What makes you fart?”;
  • Challenging assumptions that are canon in evangelicalism like abortion, immigration, and power.
  • What do you love and discussing freedom.
  • What’s next, and new possibilities.

Marla Taviano is the author of a whole bunch of books (but just read her most recent, unbelieve, because it’s pretty much the only one she can still get behind). She’s a mom to some really awesome kids and loves books and justice and rainbows and poems. She wears her heart on her t-shirts and is on a mission to live wholefarted (not a typo).

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#46 - Walking Away From White Evangelicalism with Marla Taviano

Find Marla Taviano on: https://itsmemarla.com/; Instagram: Marla Taviano and White Girl Learning; Twitter: https://twitter.com/marlataviano

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