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On Decolonizing and Deconstructing Christianity

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I host a podcast on decolonizing and deconstructing Christianity with over 80 episodes.

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When We Belong. Reclaiming Christianity on the Margins

Searching for language to describe a faith where you can be your whole self? I’ve got a couple ideas. Step into a journey toward liberation, and belonging

We need belonging to survive and thrive. For Christians who know the pain, isolation, and loss of identity that comes with the ongoing struggle to be seen in churches and institutions full of barriers to belonging, you are not alone. Sometimes it can feel easier to walk away from faith completely. But there is another way. When it feels as though there’s no place left to belong, Jesus invites us into a love that knows no bounds and a community that truly liberates. Available wherever books are sold or signed by me below.

“Well researched and passionately argued, this should be required reading for justice-minded churchgoers.” – Publishers Weekly

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About Rohadi

Rohadi writes and speaks on the topics of decolonizing and deconstructing Christianity. Listen to his podcastFaith in a Fresh Vibe.

He lives in Canada, on Treaty 7 Lands, in the city of Calgary. He holds a Business Certificate from Mount Royal College, a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary, and a Master of Divinity from Canadian Theological Seminary. Read his full bio including bylines below.

Endorsements for “When We Belong”

If you have been tired and weary on your faith journey and are looking for words to remind you that belonging is the way forward, then Rohadi's book is for you.
Rohadi has given the church a powerful gift. By sharing his own stories interlaced with stories from the community and scripture, he invites us to reconsider belonging, liberation, and freedom together in ways that will lead to flourishing.
A sobering an spirited look at a way of being that simply ain't right.