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When We Belong by Rohadi

When We Belong

Reclaiming Christianity on the Margins

If you’ve been searching for language to describe a faith and community where you can live out your whole being…I’ve got a couple ideas. Step into a journey toward liberation, belonging, and a faith that makes you whole again.

We need belonging to survive and thrive. For Christians who know the pain, isolation, and loss of identity that comes with the ongoing struggle to be seen in churches and institutions full of barriers to belonging, you are not alone. Sometimes it can feel easier to walk away from faith completely. But there is another way. When it feels as though there’s no place left to belong, Jesus invites us into a love that knows no bounds and a community that truly liberates.

“Well researched and passionately argued, this should be required reading for justice-minded churchgoers.” – Publishers Weekly

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BONUS: Faith formation out of whiteness

BONUS: Marla Taviano Interviews Rohadi on His Writing Including His Latest Book, When We Belong Check out this Bonus Episode! Season 7 opened with a cool interview where Gena Thomas hosted and I was the guest. We talked about my book, When We Belong. In this episode,...

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Helpful Tips to Publish and Write Your Book

Helpful Tips to Publish and Write Your Book

Posted in 2019 and reposted. Writers will tell you they just have to write. That's why we do it. My mind, body, and soul compel me to write. It's not only a cathartic release and a form of therapy, but it's a craft I've committed to. Some days writing beats me,...

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When churches try to be too cool

When churches try to be too cool

One day, I was walking in a cool and artsy inner-city neighborhood and was handed a little flyer card not once, not twice, but thrice, in a span of a block by dudes from a church promoting their monthly 'parachute into the neighborhood' service. I knew who it was so I...

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What the ‘Billy Graham Rule’ Says About Leaders

Originally posted in April 2017 and reposted. The Billy Graham rule is sexist. Full stop. And reveals deeply seated problems in evangelical formation surrounding patriarchy and the devaluing of women. The United States Vice-President Mike Pence, is in the middle of a...

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More On the Model Minority Myth

As we wind down Asian Heritage Month (AAPI History Month in the USA), I am republishing a short thread on the model minority myth that I recently posted on Twitter. I have written on this subject before, noting the "terms and conditions" Asian folks need to adhere to....

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White replacement theory is not fringe

Ok, here goes. A post from a thread I recently wrote in light of recent violence (yet again) out in Buffalo. It pertains to replacement theory, or as I describe it here, white replacement theory. This idea is not fringe. It is an embedded cultural understanding most...

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