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Discipleship isn’t conformity

Discipleship is one of those church functions that sits just out of reach for most churches. Contemporary churches long for successful discipleship programs that are full of people and produces disciples who will in turn disciple others. But what if our approach is...

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I am growing wary of the shifting rhetoric in North America and beyond. Evil is gaining prominent voice, and the church must stand against it. This spoken word piece I shared at a recent Cypher Church event kicks off a series on this blog on racism. I hope you find...

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On the Decisive Derision of the Nashville Statement

I wish I didn't have to spend the time to respond to something so odious as the Nashville Statement (link at the bottom). I wish instead evangelicals spent their time embodying the character of Jesus. A character that would produce statements cherishing the brown...

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Review: Bees of Rainbow Falls by Preston Pouteaux

I'm finishing an extended series on racism, but before that launches in a couple weeks, here's something a bit lighter. My friend Preston Pouteaux, recently released his first book, "The Bees of Rainbow Falls: Finding Faith, Imagination, and Delight in Your...

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I can't add to the churning plight emerging in Charlottesville. It's there where the pent up racist rage building in America is tangibly emptying itself unto the streets for the country to watch. I, like many of you, am stunned with these pictures over the past day....

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