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Over at the Engaging Mission Podcast

I had the privilege to record a podcast with Bryan from the Engaging Missions Podcast a couple of months ago. The episode is out and I encourage you to have a listen. I included the episode highlights below. We nchat about innovation in the church and developing new...

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Top Ten Posts of 2018

If I had to sum up 2018 it would be a year of travel and books. My second book, Thrive, was released in the Summer after a 3 year journey. How it came together and the new relationships forged in its final creation are all stories about God's hand at work. Ask me...

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My Top Books of 2018

2018 has come and gone. How was it for you? It marked a few firsts for me. Had an exceptional year of travel, with a lot of new cities and neighbourhoods visited. (Catch me over at Instagram for some pics.) Getting to speak around the continent has been a pleasure and...

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Advent Reader 2018

I have a very small piece in a unique Advent reader put out by the New Leaf Network. This season, consider these reflections as you enter a time of reflection that leads into the darkness, through Christmas joy, and the hope found in Epiphany. The New Leaf Blog is...

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Challenges Leading Change in Large Churches

Pastors often ask me for ways to re-imagine and lead change in declining congregations. They'll ask something along the lines of, "how do you get people to do, X, Y, or Z?" Be it how to build multi-ethnic communities, realize better discipleship, or increase missional...

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Thrive wins best e-book cover (non-fiction)

My book, Thrive, won the top e-book cover design for the month of September over at Although it's mostly for bragging rights, winning the non-fiction category demonstrates the quality we were shooting for in production. My friend Riley and I...

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Thrive the Book!

thrive the book


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