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On church, leadership, mission, diversity, & culture.

Defining Missional – Mission for the Church

This is a post I wrote 3 years ago that I've since revamped and reposted. Is a suitable definition for the word "missional"? Contemporary churches like to jump on fads to find the next thing that will help usher in incremental changes that retain the most comforts at...

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Only the White Church is Declining

Just finished my book that's now in the hands of the editor. I'm aiming squarely at the lost heritage of the church, and how we cope. So far, not well. Yet I believe post-Christendom is a great opportunity for the church, but only if we make the right changes to...

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How to Respond to #churchtoo #metoo

This tweet of mine has garnered the most attention out of nearly 9000 tweets. Sexual abuse is not covered by pastoral confidentiality. // The night my church plant launched someone came in mid-service & confessed to sex crimes. I never once thought he had...

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Book Update: Adventures to Save the Dying Church

I finished the manuscript of my second book last Summer, and started the process of finding specific publishers. This book will sit at around 200+ pages and deals with innovating the church to thrive in a post-Christian world. There are not very many books that talk...

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Top Posts of 2017

Can't believe another year has past, blah blah blah. Here are my top posts by visits from the past 365 days. Onward to 2018! 10 Questions to Ask Before Embarking on Short Term Mission Work Where's the Depth in Christian Worship? 5 Problems & 6 ideas for deeper Why...

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Evangelicalism is dead and can’t be saved

Early this year I asked the question, what will replace evangelicalism. I think evangelicalism the movement is dead (or approaching death) because the brand has been catastrophically destroyed. I am connecting labels and brands because outsiders consider them...

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