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E-Book Sale! Thrive on Sale

E-Book Sale! Thrive on Sale

My book, Thrive, is on sale in the e-book format. The cheapest/best place is to purchase is on my website here. It's on sale for 2.99! That's over half off. If you purchase from Amazon it's a bit higher for Canadians. I tried to time this sale with a huge church...

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The Best Behind and the Best to Come

The Best Behind and the Best to Come

Suffering a loss in a relationship either through a breakup or a death is challenging. It's normal to shy away from processing hurt directly either through avoidance or dwelling in the past. Some of these emotions are expected, but not healthy when we cling to them....

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Rohadi’s Books

Thrive. Ideas to lead the church in post-Christendom.

“Thrive”, is a guide to help unlock features in you, and your church, to emerge as leaders and co-creators in our cities, neighborhoods, and beyond. With the increasing number of people claiming no religious affiliation, it may be surprising to learn core values like purpose, justice, spirituality, and love remain important. The stage is set. Our culture presents a great opportunity for the church that seeks to live out the Gospel in a post-Christian world.

Soul Coats: Adult Coloring Book

Inspirational adult coloring book. 64 pages of professionally illustrated scenes from the Bible like you’ve never seen before! Bulk quantity discounts available for ministries (up to 75% off).


  • The #1 faith-based adult coloring book based on beauty. Professionally illustrated including renowned artists.
  • 72 pages with over 64 illustrations to color.
  • Including 9 beautiful hand lettered scripture pages.
  • Browse the Scene Key for included scenes.
  • Premium book construction perfect for markers & pencils.
  • Created, made, and printed in North America.
  • FREE small group study content available for download.
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