When We Belong by Rohadi

When We Belong.

Reclaiming Christianity on the Margins

If you’ve been searching for language to describe a faith and community where you can live out your whole being…I’ve got a couple ideas. Step into a journey toward liberation, belonging, and a faith that makes you whole again.

We need belonging to survive and thrive. For Christians who know the pain, isolation, and loss of identity that comes with the ongoing struggle to be seen in churches and institutions full of barriers to belonging, you are not alone. Sometimes it can feel easier to walk away from faith completely. But there is another way. When it feels as though there’s no place left to belong, Jesus invites us into a love that knows no bounds and a community that truly liberates.

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Podcast Episodes

#28 – On Church Planting Multi-ethnic Churches and Raising Marginalized Voices with Rev Dr Dennis Edwards

On Centering Marginalized People: Might from the Margins with Rev Dr Dennis Edwards. Dr Edwards is Professor of NT at Northpark Theological Seminary. He’s also an ordained minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church. In this episode…we start with a talk about his early days church planting and in ministry in multi-ethnic spaces. We ask, can white evangelicalism become more inclusive and multi-ethnic? We then transition to talk about his book, Might from the Margins. Dr. Edwards shares how centering marginalized people as the primary readership, we draw near to the central story of the Gospels. Listen as we unpack his teaching around justice, diaspora people, and building new spaces of faith for tomorrow.

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#26 – Loneliness, Vulnerability, and Surviving the South – Charlotte Donlon (Part 1)

Recorded days after the 2020 American inauguration, I chat with author and spiritual formation director, Charlotte Donlon. This two part series begins with Charlotte’s introduction, a bit about her people, and then what it’s like to live Birmingham, Alabama. The heart of white Christian evangelicalism and its cultural grip on the region comes with challenges. We discuss bearing witness in a time of disconnection and start to unpack the question of vulnerability in faith.

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#25 – Decolonize and Decenter Whiteness – Hope for the Church w/ Robert Monson (Part 2)

Recorded days after the 2020 American election, I chat with musician, author, activist and advocate Robert Monson. We share a conversation about decentering whiteness in faith and practice. What does radical revival in the church look like and what does that shift look like? What does decolonizing and faith look like individually and collectively? We discuss new metrics, new ways of gathering, and embracing the marginal voice at the centre.

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#23 – Dropping Domesticated Jesus Featuring Dr. Drew Hart (Part 2)

In this episode I introduce my friend Dr. Drew Hart who is a professor of theology at Messiah University in PA. He is the author of two books including, Trouble I’ve Seen, and the latest, Who Will be a Witness? In part two of a two-part series we discuss:

  • Dive into his latest book, “Who Will be a Witness? Igniting Activism for God’s Justice, Love, and Deliverance”;
  • Decolonizing white Christianity and white supremacy;
  • Rejecting domesticated white Jesus;
  • Unpack what the church of the future can look like for marginalized people and all.
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From the Blog

Epiphany and Life in 2021

We are now in the season of Epiphany, one of two feasts the early church celebrated along with Easter. Epiphany marks the Gospel revealed to the Gentiles through the story of the visiting wise men. I've always found it peculiar the story of the Magi. Something stoked...

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Advent Voices of the Marginalized

2000 years of patriarchy have undoubtedly diminished the powerful words of the two women in our readings. Today we will centre one, a voice that comes to us in the form of a song. “Magnificat anima mea Dominum.” It sure sounds better in Latin. Mary's Song, or the...

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Rohadi’s Books

Thrive. Ideas to lead the church in post-Christendom.

“Thrive”, is a guide to help unlock features in you, and your church, to emerge as leaders and co-creators in our cities, neighborhoods, and beyond. With the increasing number of people claiming no religious affiliation, it may be surprising to learn core values like purpose, justice, spirituality, and love remain important. The stage is set. Our culture presents a great opportunity for the church that seeks to live out the Gospel in a post-Christian world.

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