Check it out, it’s here, the awesome cover for my upcoming book coming Summer 2022!

I was honestly apprehensive about this part, because book covers and design are up to the publishing house. I did mention I wanted to have a say, but ultimately decision rests with them. I have friends who are world-class artists/designers, so giving up control of this process, the first impression of my book, took some trust. But the folks at Herald were great to work with. I created some suggestions, their designer made a cover, and it really fit the first go around.

Inside you’ll find the use of negative space to display a slightly off-centered cross. The design of the cross has some hallmarks of Ethiopian cross design, which aptly reflects what’s going on inside. When We Belong is front and centre. Reclaiming Christianity on the margins the sub-title previewing a little more about the contents.

I’m thrilled to share this cover with you as we lead up to eventual book release day sometime next June. You’ll periodically get some book updates along the way as I flesh out the final content.

What’s inside?

This is ultimately a story of belonging, one where I centre the voices on the margins. The pathway or journey unto belonging, however, goes through a land of deconstruction and decolonization. There are fundamental pieces in western Christianity that need an update (or won’t ever change). Those pieces differ, in my take, from the early church and the Jesus ethic they embodied. If you’ve been searching for language to describe a faith and community where you can live out your whole being…I’ve got a couple ideas….

Pre-orders are up, even though it’s so early. You can find them here: