On Centering Marginalized People: Might from the Margins with Rev Dr. Dennis Edwards. Dr. Edwards is Professor of NT at Northpark Theological Seminary. He’s also an ordained minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church. In this episode, Rohadi interviews Dr. Edwards and his early days church planting and leading multi-ethnic churches. We ask, can white evangelicalism become more inclusive and multi-ethnic? We then transition to talk about his book, Might from the Margins. Dr. Edwards shares his insight on diaspora people from his work in the NT. Listen as we unpack his teaching around justice, church planting, and building new spaces of faith for tomorrow.

Connect and find more info about Dr. Edwards online. Visit his bio at Northpark: https://www.northpark.edu/faculty-staff-directory/dennis-edwards/ and follow him on social media including: Twitter and Instagram. His latest book, “Might from the Margins: The Gospel’s Power to Turn the Tables on Injustice “ is now available.

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#28 - On Church Planting Multi-ethnic Churches and Raising Marginalized Voices with Rev Dr Dennis Edwards

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