This season is the BIPOC edition with voices from across Canada. To launch things off I welcome a fellow Trini into the mix, Bernadette Arthur, in a two part series. In this first edition, Bernadette shares about her journey of faith, what it looked to deconstruct her experience in both Black Caribbean and Seventh Day Adventist traditions, and putting together the pieces into a new way forward.

About Bernadette

Bernadette Arthur spent over 15 years studying and working in the social services sector. She took a leap of faith and shifted into doing work that more aligned with her values and practices. She stumbled upon the work of John McKnight and grassroot practitioner like Dr. John M. Perkins, which lead her to embark on a self-directed journey to learn more about Asset Based Community Development (ABCD).


One of the results of that journey was her becoming a vetted Community Advancement Coach for a North American network of ABCD coaches and practitioners. Fuelled with the knowledge and lived experience of the effects of systemic oppression, Bernadette has spent half of the last decade engaging more directly in racial equity, justice and re-conciliation work. She has worked mainly within the non-profit sector designing and facilitating innovative learning opportunities for community and organizational groups.


Bernadette specializes in designing, curating and facilitating transformational learning events that offer saf(er) space for people to listen, unpack, explore, create and heal. She is a proud Afro-Caribbean Canadian who was born and raised in Scarborough, ON, but who is Trini to the bone. When she’s not crafting new ways to creatively bring people together, she loves exploring new restaurants that feature authentic cultural cuisine, being in the presence of majestic things (like mountains, water, and forests), and dancing awkwardly on a dance floor.

Find her over at https://www.asharedtable.ca/ and https://linktr.ee/asharedtable.ca

Faith in a Fresh Vibe Podcast
Faith in a Fresh Vibe Podcast
#13 - Deconstructing Religion and Finding Safe Space Feat. Bernadette Arthur - Part 1

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