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On church, leadership, mission, diversity, & culture.

My second book, “Thrive” hits the shelves

After three long years my second book (actually the first) is done and available wherever books are sold! Visit my book page for details on ordering. In this age of publishing, more and more authors are controlling their properties rather than giving them away to...

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Thrive. Ideas to lead the church in post-Christendom.

It's FINALLY Here! 3 years in the making, 9 drafts, 3 re-writes, and a world of learning, my first words book is done. I remember starting this project in the Summer of 2015, as a way to process ideas I was posting on my blog. The vague ideas combined for an initial...

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Revitalizing the Church on the Margins

It can be done. Chief among churches who are suffering the loss of Christendom are mainline denominations who have the added burden of maintaining capital assets. Imagine a world where the church is struggling because it has too many buildings to pay for.... It's a...

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Over at the Inception of Wonder Podcast

Got to hand out with a local missions leader in my city of Calgary. We talked on his podcast on a number of subjects. It's worth the listen. Jump to the 13 min mark to hear about my church plant Cypher Church, and how we work in a post-Christian context. Have a listen...

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The Lust for Celebrity Success

In my upcoming book, Thrive, I discuss a phenomenon that detracts from the success of the contemporary church. It has to do with learning and chasing the story and results of celebrity pastors. I'm not talking only the ones with fame and fortune, I'm talking about the...

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