Starting in February, and running every month so long as there’s interest, I’m happy to announce I’ll be running a deconstruction/decolonizing Christianity cohort. The March cohort is now open with two time slots including a morning (for me) to accommodate folks across the pond.

I thought about launching this cohort after slew of deconstruction ‘coaches’ started popping up on social media. They offer cohorts but charge a LOT of money. Now, I’m not going to interrogate the validity or qualifications of ‘coaching’, some of it is legit. But I have a big problem when exorbitant fees are charged just to hold space for those going through religious deconstruction. Ya, folks should be paid for their time, but there’s some icky when folks who recently deconstructed find themselves experts on how to lead others through a similar process (and they happen to all be white). I even interacted with a few through social media and let’s say they didn’t pass the smell test. No accountability, deleting comments questioning their approach, etc. I’m always wary of huge follower counts equating to legitimacy, especially when it comes to curating safe space for folks going through religious trauma. So I’m going to hold my own. It’s free, mostly, since we’ll use my book When We Belong as a guide. It runs 4 weeks and the only request is that you show up for all 4. Ok here are a few more details:

You’re invited to participate in a 4-week cohort taking place in March. Time and day will be determined by your responses. I have a Saturday time to help those in different timezones connect in. The cohort is free but I ask participants to commit to the whole 4 weeks. We will use my book as a guide to our time (I only have physical copies, but any bookstore will have it, or your local library might too.)

The rough outline for gatherings will follow a rhythm of:
1) Welcome, reflection practice;
2) 5-10 mins teach time;
3) Community reflections on the readings;
4) Community reflections on deconstructing/decolonizing;
The bulk of time will be devoted to sharing thoughts to affirm each journey of deconstructing/decolonizing the Christian faith. It’s not therapy, but it can be life giving! N.B. This cohort is designed for those already on the path of deconstruction or decolonizing.