Season 8 continues with Episode #54 featuring the voice of Rose J. Percy. Listen in as the rain falls and the thunder hits in the background as Rose and I discuss all pieces decolonizing faith. We start off with a “get to know you” through a conversation on food, then quickly pivot to the importance of cultivating rest for imagination. We switch gears into identity, and how vocation is the work to uncover the things that make you you. Rose discusses some of her work helping others build strength through a ‘ministry’ of midwifery. We then trail off the second half discussing aspects of somatic (body) liberation and the wider connections to liberation. How might bodies on the margins find liberation through the stories of our families and beyond?

Rose J. Percy, M.Div is a contemplative theopoet with a background in justice-oriented education and ministry. Rose writes affirmational prayers and poems for weary dreamers. Her work engages theopoetics, mysticism, identity, vocational discernment, trauma, and theology.


Rose started “Dear Soft Black Woman,” a podcast and community space for Black women+ to inspire and celebrate flourishing beyond the “Strong Black Woman” myth. She writes affirmational prayers, poems, and grounding reflections through a newsletter called “A Gentle Landing.

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#54 - Rose J Percy on Rest, Vocation, and Storytelling for Liberation