Have you heard about deconstruction?! It’s all the rage. Season 6 will include multiple episodes on deconstruction.

Drew and Rohadi challenge white hegemony in the realm of Christian deconstruction by offering their take. Part 1 examines the root cause of the deconstruction movement that’s not always obvious–white supremacy. Both share their stories growing up in different churches, making sense of a Christianity that pushes certain bodies to the margins, and outline their own journeys through deconstruction.

Divesting from institutional whiteness needs different voices speaking to new realities–a new imagination–surrounding faith and belonging. Here are two.

Show Notes

  • Intro [1:00-3:00mins]
  • Have you heard about deconstruction? Discussing current contemporary trend rooted in whiteness and white supremacy. [3:00-6:00 mins]
  • Summarizing experiences in deconstruction. [6:00-13:30mins]
  • Defining deconstruction in our own words. [13:30-23:00mins]
  • Interrogating white church formation and contribution to deconstruction. Divesting from whiteness.  [24:00-33mins]
  • Other intersections of deconstruction. [33:00-36:00mins]
  • Deconstruction as an absence of full belonging in white churches.
  • Coming full circle. [43mins]


Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#37 - Have You Heard About Deconstruction? - Part 1 with Rohadi and Drew Brown

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All of Drew Brown’s links on his website: http://www.drewbrownmusic.com/. Intro and Outro are tracks from his creation, “Hymns for the Architect.”