Featuring Pastor and Author Jonny Rashid

The oppressor would not be so strong if he did not have accomplices among the oppressed. Simone de Beauvoir

In this conversation, pastor and author Jonny Rashid, shares a wonderful cross-section of topics ranging from being brown in America, and church leadership in predominantly white spaces. We discuss spiritual formation as it intersects the racialized brown experience in North America. But that’s not all, Jonny offers a vulnerable look inside pastoral leadership, and his latest book, Jesus Picks a Side. His book is a must-read particularly for those who are digging into aspects of justice and politics.

More Show Notes

  • Tapping into the brown experience. Jonny shares his experience growing up as an Egyptian American as the war on terror began to pick up speed;
  • Becoming conscious to the lived experience as an Arab American;
  • Developing awareness of systemic racism caught in the ‘in-between’;
  • Navigating familial and generational differences along the political spectrum;
  • Jonny speaks to his faith formation in Anabaptism;
  • Moving forward into liberation (how?);
  • We take a step back and talk about the call to ministry for Jonny and a bit about his philosophy of ministry;
  • Leading white congregations into justice and the push back received when white supremacy rears in the home community;
  • How to not get discouraged, finding affirming voices in your ministry/community context;
  • What to do when the world is falling apart – God’s faithfulness today;
  • How do you know when to leave unhealthy community, paying attention to your body;
  • 28mins Finding comfort making political stands as Christians, not to side with the oppressor but to stand with Jesus. We talk about Jonny’s latest book, “Jesus takes a Side”.
  • Talking about faux diversity; Christian diversity seeks to centre the margins where as bipartisanship upholds the status quo….
  • How to be polarizing like Jesus rather than sanitizing Jesus.
  • 45mins Dropping the ‘third-way’ language and follow the Jesus who liberates. Engaging in a wider imagination.
  • Peacemaking vs Peacekeeping. We end with a story of liberation.

Bio and Social

Jonny Rashid has been pastor of Circle of Hope in Philadelphia for more than 10 years. He is an abolitionist and a housing activist. He is an avid cook, who blogs at https://jonnyrashid.com and hosts Circle of Hope’s “Resist and Restore” podcast. He studied journalism, education and history at Temple University and completed his masters of divinity at Palmer Theological Seminary. His book “Jesus Takes A Side” is out now.”

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#51 - Being Brown and Jesus Picks a Side (You Should Too) with Jonny Rashid

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