Deconstructing the Christian Worship Industrial Complex with Rohadi and Drew Brown (Part 2). Continuing our series on deconstruction, Drew and Rohadi discuss major pillars in deconstruction. In this episode they tackle worship, or Christian music, and the ways it has formed Christian churches in good and bad ways. They discuss their experience, how they determined mainstream Christian music wasn’t going to work, and end with some ideas for deeper/better.

Show Notes

3:oo – Intro, up-to-speed on the world. Discussing anti-vaxx people and the church response. Pastoral implications and the weirdness of COVID-19.
10:00 – What are the pillars of deconstruction that you keep, discard, or reclaim?
12:00 – Drew intros Christian worship as the catalyst to his own deconstruction. Worship, music, and running up against the massive engine we call Bethel.
23:00 – Rohadi shares his ideas on deconstruction, what has to go from Christian worship. Chats on 1990s and 2000s worship market.
26:00 – What does it look like for people on the margins to see themselves reflected in worship and in church? Where are the laments?
32:00 – What does deeper look like? Both share new ideas on re-imagining worship in a modern context.

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#38 - Deconstructing the Christian Worship Industrial Complex - Rohadi and Drew Brown (Part 2)

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