So what are you? Ya, that’s a question I’ve grown up fielding. Chandra Crane has a thing or two to say about that. Two fantastic episodes you don’t want to miss. Devoted to multi-ethnic people, we dig into identity and the superpowers we have. Most often overlooked, multi-ethnic/multi-racialized people are finally coming to the forefront. As we learn to live and own our bodies and beliefs, great things can happen. Everyone can enjoy this episode, but we keep that focus on folks like us. Check out the show notes for details about this episode.

Chandra Crane has a Thai birth father, a European American mother, and an African American father who adopted her when she was five. With this mixed multiethnic and multicultural background, she has keenly felt the otherness of never quite fitting in. Where do people of mixed ethnicity belong?

Those of us who have multiethnic backgrounds may have pain surrounding our mixed heritage. But we also have the privilege and potential to serve the Lord through our unique experiences, if we root ourselves in him. Crane explores what Scripture and history can teach us about ethnicity and how we can bring all of ourselves to our sense of identity and calling.

You can discover the fullness of who you are. Find out how your mixed identity can be a blessing to yourself and to the world around you.

Find Chandra on Twitter, where you will find her links to more about her work. Her debut book is called, Mixed Blessing. Embracing the Fullness of Your Multi-Ethnic Identity. Available wherever books are sold.

Show Notes

  • Intro and place
  • First Thanksgiving and the multi-ethnic home church experience
  • Who has formed you? Unpacking growing up as a multi-ethnic person (13 mins)
  • The tensions of bi-racial identity in today’s world (25 mins)
  • Being enough in my own skin
  • Filling in the blanks of our unknown people (36 mins)
  • Church formation, assimilation, code switching, and challenges of white church experiences
  • Becoming alert to whiteness in church (48 mins)
  • Resources/experiences of deconstruction (52 mins)
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#33 - Pulling Back the Layers of Multi-Ethnic Identity vs. Assimilation with Chandra Crane (Part 1)

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