Rohadi interviews author and spiritual formation director Lisa Colón DeLay in this hour long episode. The two venture through a conversation on spirituality and where the church fits in a modern world in formation. They spend time unpacking some features in the first book from Lisa Delay, “The Wild Lands Within”. The landscape around culture, religion, and spirituality is shifting, and how we can engage in our own formation changes with it. Learn new insight on ways to grow personally and spiritually. 

The Wild Land Within is an invitation to explore your own
flyover country. This book serves as a companion to search
the inner and unseen but very real territory of yourself. As we
attend to this land within, our journey will involve some issues
you may know little or nothing about. There are places of rough
and even terrifying terrain. We will learn what makes spiritual
growth unnecessarily difficult or extra confusing. To explore
this land within means encountering climate and storms, negotiating
treacherous topography, and finding creatures both
wounded and wild.

Explore the secluded territory of the inner life with a gentle and trained companion. In The Wild Land Within, spiritual guide and podcast host Lisa Colón DeLay prepares us to better understand the terrain that changes when we undergo spiritual practices in hopes of spiritual growth. This book:  Now available wherever books are sold.

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Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#29 - "Wild Land": Longing for Spiritual Fulfillment with Lisa Delay

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