In this episode, Dr. Drew Hart, a professor of theology at Messiah University in PA, joins Rohadi to talk about his two books including, Trouble I’ve Seen, and the latest, Who Will be a Witness? In part two of a two-part series they discuss:

  • Dive into his latest book, “Who Will be a Witness? Igniting Activism for God’s Justice, Love, and Deliverance”;
  • Decolonizing white Christianity and white supremacy;
  • Rejecting domesticated white Jesus;
  • Unpack what the church of the future can look like for marginalized people and all.

Find Dr Hart online at this website: Follow him on social media including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#23 Domesticated Jesus Featuring Dr. Drew Hart (Part 2)

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