Welcome to Season 4 of the Faith in a Fresh Vibe podcast! This is the AUTHOR’S EDITION, where I invite my friends to come and share the books they have authored in the past year. To open the season, Rohadi invites fellow Canadian Jonathan Puddle to chat about his book, “You Are Enough”. In this episode we take a dive into spiritual formation, why contemporary Christianity has struggled to deal with emotions, and practices of contemplative spirituality.

Here’s a look at Jonathan’s book:

Featuring 30 daily readings that are easy to understand, with
practical exercises and guided audio and video meditations to
help readers:

● Love their body and embrace the space they take up.
● Discern God’s presence and feel safe with their creator.
● Get to know their emotions and inner life.
● Encounter love in the most scarred, scared, and sacred
places of their hearts.
● Love their whole self the way God does, with gentleness
and compassion.

Visit Jonathan online at Jonathanpuddle.com and follow on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook at @jonathanpuddle.

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#21 - You Are Enough - Renewing Spirituality with Jonathan Puddle and Rohadi

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