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You already know the problem. Christianity in North America has been pushed to the margins. Society is less religious, church attendance is mostly stagnant, and leaders are struggling to find answers to stop the exodus. Most of the ideas addressing these challenges rely on reclaiming Christendom. But we can’t go back in time. Rather, we need to move forward with new ideas.

“Thrive” , is a guide to help unlock features in you, and your church, to emerge as leaders and co-creators in our cities, neighborhoods, and beyond. With the increasing number of people claiming no religious affiliation, it may be surprising to learn core values like purpose, justice, spirituality, and love remain important. The stage is set. Our culture presents a great opportunity for the church that seeks to live out the Gospel in a post-Christian world.

It’s time to live out the fullness of God’s dream for you and the church. Respond to the call to join the unfolding mission in your midst.

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What Others Are Saying About “Thrive”.


David Ruis, National Director of Vineyard Canada

I like the way Rohadi thinks. I like the way Rohadi’s heart beats. I like the way Rohadi leans into healthy scepticism without the caustic critique of the cynic. I love it when people have the integrity and courage to allow the Spirit to lead them into becoming the answer to their own prayers. Rohadi has done so, not just by penning this great little book, but by living it out, day by day. Let us do the same.


JR Woodward, National Director, V3 Church Planting Movement

In Thrive, Rohadi not only wakes us up to reality, but he prophetically inspires. His passion for God and people bleed through these pages. His apostolic vision for the church is captivating. He shares hard won nuggets of truth along with his struggles and failures. He’s real. He is like the men from the tribe of Issachar, he understands the times in which we live, and what we must do. With theological depth and practical wisdom, Rohadi calls the church to shift from survive mode to thrive mode.


Jared Siebert, Director of Church Planting, Free Methodists Church in Canada & Director of New Leaf Network

For many years, Rohadi has been a voice calling out from edges of the church in Canada. This book is a helpful primer for people that want to join him by intentionally choosing to live out the gospel at the edges of Christendom. His perspectives are raw and real. You owe it to yourself to take a look.


Tim Schultz, Director of Mosaic Ministries

Rohadi wrestles with the questions of how we need to re-imagine how we be and do church and mission to engage the “nones” and the “dones” in our Western culture. What deepens his credibility, and gives his message weight, is that Rohadi is a practitioner. I highly commend his thought provoking, prophetic, and hopeful book for practitioners who know in their gut that we need to follow Jesus to the margins where His Kingdom is breaking in!

About Rohadi

Rohadi Nagassar (BA Econ., MDiv) is a writer, church planter, entrepreneur, and non-profit developer. He is the founder of Calgary Missional Church, and co-founder of a multi-ethnic urban church called Cypher Church. Rohadi operates a marketing consulting firm and small publishing house. He also serves as President of the board of directors for Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta and as a board member for Mosaic Ministries in Calgary. He is also a contributor to the New Leaf Network, SoJourners, and the V3 Movement.

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