Theologizin’ Bigger: Homilies on Living Freely and Loving Wholly. Title pique your interest? Pastor Trey returns to the Faith in a Fresh Vibe podcast for the second time. His first interview was so nice that we had to do it twice. We discuss expanding our imagination around the Bible. Many listeners have grown up in traditions where the treatment of scripture lacks humility. The Bible becomes a proof-text machine, applied to any sort of modern problem and often used to uphold malformed power structures. Is there a way to redeem it? That’s the bulk of our conversation as we meander way through some of the key features of Trey’s debut book.

If you’re curious about new ways of approaching faith and scripture, this episode is a good place to start.

About Theologizin’ Bigger:

In Theologizin’ Bigger: Homilies on Living Freely and Loving Wholly, pastor, podcaster, and public theologian Trey Ferguson encourages you to re-engage your imagination and construct theologies that speak to our current contexts, just as people of faith have done throughout history.

With personal stories and some lo-fi truth-telling, Ferguson leads us through topics like how we read the Bible, our inherited traditions, accountability, our value, and a faith that can shape tomorrow. Ferguson writes, “Theology requires imagination. The ability to imagine is part of what makes us human. And salvation is, in part, a rehumanization project.”

Rohadi’s endorsement (and no, I don’t get paid for endorsements):

“Every generation needs to discover new ways to relate to the Bible and faith in a modern world. It’s exciting work when you have the right guides. Pastor Trey is one, and the imagination he brings in Theologizin’ Bigger is what we need to chart pathways toward a wider liberation for all. Dig into this!”

Find Trey’s book online on his website. Also follow him on social media including Twitter and Instagram.

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#76 - Rohadi with Trey Ferguson on his debut book, Theologizin' Bigger