Forged: Following Jesus into a new kind of family. That’s TC Moore’s book title. We talk about what it looks like to redeem the language around family given so many have bad experiences in their own families, and in churches that use that type of language. You may be familiar with it, and how it can be used to harm rather than give life. We unpack what it looks like to build a new kind of chosen family with key features like sharing of your life; developing community rhythms; serving one another; and solidarity. Come through to meet T.C. learn about his story and ministry, and the possibilities of finding healthier community.

Episode Summary:

  • TC Shares his story and road as a pastor moving throughout the US from New Orleans, Massaschusetts, LA, and finally the Twin Cities. He talks about ministering in diverse churches and communities and how hat has influenced his view on ‘family’.
  • On superhero teams. X-Men vs The Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Unpacking the idea of ‘family’ and language used within Christian circles. There’s baggage there. We acknowledge the problems. It’s sounds ‘culty’; but can it be redeemed?
  • Finding a more life giving family. If Christianity is calling us into a new logic of “how” to do community what does that look like? First, we look to the margins. T.C. Unpacks his features of Forged Family including: sharing of your life; developing community rhythms; serving one another; and solidarity.
  • We close with a holding the tensions of redeeming family and the paradox of having to risk disconnection in the search for new chosen family.


About T. C. Moore. He’s the lead pastor of Roots, a Moravian community, and serves court-involved youth and young adults with restorative justice practices. Since Jesus liberated him from gang-life as a teenager, T. C. has developed mentoring programs, planted churches, and worked in community-based nonprofits all across the country for over two decades. He’s a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Center for Urban Ministerial Education in Boston and he lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Osheta, and their three children. Visit his website: Connect with him on Instagram.

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#75 - T.C. Moore on the Chosen Family and his Book "Forged"