Welcome to Episode #70 with author Mekdes Haddis. Her debut book is called “A Just Mission. Laying Down Power and Embracing Mutuality.” Listeners who have read Rohadi’s book, When We Belong, will know the nascent Ethiopian connection formative to his journey in deconstructing Christianity. We launch off from his story to draw into Mekdes and her formation as an evangelical Christian in Ethiopia, how her perspectives are different than western thought, and how that may inform the way the church can conduct missions, but more importantly, how we all can find life giving church community outside of white hegemony.

Episode Summary

  • Deconstructing Western missions and power systems. 0:00
  • Identity, culture, and ministry. From Ethiopia to America. 4:15
  • Christianity in Ethiopia and the role of missions. 9:51
  • Missionary work and cultural context in Ethiopia. 15:15
  • The introduction of evangelicalism in Ethiopia. 25:08
  • Decoloniality and contextualization in Ethiopian evangelicalism. 29:44
  • How contextual Ethiopian evangelicalism can inform mission in the West. 34:00
  • Finding our humanity and through mutuality in our faith. 44:00


About Mekdes:

Mekdes Haddis is a sought after Millennial African Missiologist and thought leader whose voice is challenging the Church to undo its “missions as usual” ethos. Her work is a clarion call to redefine missions from charity giving to disciple making and justice seeking.

In 2020 Mekdes created an online community “Just Missions” with the purpose of helping missionaries, receivers of missionaries and ministry leaders engage with one another on an open platform and discuss the harmful effects of western missions.

The group gives westerners the chance to hear from the receivers of missions without the financial power dynamic that typically robs them from openly discussing the truth. Her hope is that these conversations will lead to a wholesome method of supporting and equipping local churches and their leaders without the focus being on the one who is sent but rather the ones God wants them to reach.

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Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#70 - Author Mekdes Haddis on A Just Mission