Do you have a complicated relationship with the Bible? This episode (in two parts) is for you.

Are you struggling to figure out how to interpret scripture without past baggage? Wondering if there is a different way to move forward especially coming out of traditions that hold high importance for the Bible but often misuse it?

Karen Keen is a biblical scholar and author who discusses what it’s like to come from an evangelical context where women couldn’t even teach the Bible, into a place that offers more humble approach to interpretation. Reclaim the Bible in this two part episode.


Intro: 1-2 mins
Karen Intro: 3-10 mins
How to begin finding life in theology and scripture out of past traditions/formation. 10mins
How to build a renewed sense of vastness and humility with scripture. 19 mins

Karen R. Keen is a biblical scholar, author, and spiritual care provider. Through the Redwood Center for Spiritual Care and Education, she teaches classes on Scripture and facilitates groups on spiritual practices. Her books include Scripture, Ethics, and the Possibilities of Same-sex Relationships, and The Word of a Humble God. The Origins, Inspiration, and Interpretation of Scripture.

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#60 - How (Not) to Read the Bible with Karen Keen (Part 1)