Stories of Racialized Experiences

A deeply formative and reflective episode with Ms Micah Morgan. Where does one land when balancing the tensions between a fascination with theological questions surrounding body and suffering, and the lived experience in the church and beyond? Grappling with a sense of belonging and questions of sovereignty, Micah inserts joyful tones from her faith experience in the search for justice and wholeness. That brings us to her work today and what it means to be a Black reconstructing Christian.

Show Notes

  • I come back yet again to the ‘tiers of friends’ in a discussion on friendships;
  • Micah describes the storied racialized experience and its history;
  • Reflections on Micah’s experience with colorism;
  • Micah shares a little bit about her own story growing up in Ohio as a Black woman and her church formation;
  • Shaping a parallel ‘deconstruction’ experience emanating from a rich Black church experience in theological questions around suffering;
  • We balance theology with what we feel in our bodies;
  • Rather than ‘deconstruction’ we dive into Micah’s journey through what she coins, the Black reconstruction experience;
  • Cultivating church spaces of belonging for all. Surprisingly, we start with worship….
  • Influential thinkers to consider, and Micah’s continued ministry.
  • We end with reflection on the question, what does belonging and belovedness look like today?

Find Micah Morgan Online and her Bio:

“Micah Morgan (she/her/hers) is a trauma-informed licensed professional counsellor and bi-vocational pastor serving in the state of Ohio. She’s committed to helping others get connected with God, with each other, and with themselves. You can usually find her laughing with her husband and friends, sitting somewhere thinking deeply, reading, or enjoying the rain.”

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#49 - On the Black Reconstructing Christian with Micah Morgan

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