Pastor Trey coming through! You might remember him from such places as and as one of the endorsers for my book When We Belong. In this episode, Trey shares wisdom from his context and tradition rooted within the Black church. Hearing and learning from voices who have different, yet vibrant, faith experiences, is crucial to help re-imagine faith in new ways. Here’s what else is in store:

Show Notes

  • We start and end with a chat about Trey’s podcast, “The New Living Treyslation” and the importance of understanding scripture;
  • Get to know Trey and a bit about his church experience growing up;
  • We dissect contemporary discipleship which might be of interest to church leaders out there;
  • How to promote healthy dialogue and questioning in faith communities;
  • Examples on re-imaging church traditions and gatherings. This is a beautiful segment on re-imagining Christian worship and gatherings;
  • Decolonizing Christianity in the bid to find wholeness.

Find Trey Online and his Bio:

“Host of the New Living Treyslation and co-host of Three Black Men, Trey’s passions include building community, digital engagement, Black church history, and the University of Miami Hurricanes. His best feature is actually his wife, Jessica. When he’s not theologizing, he enjoys roasting people on twitter and maybe landing himself in hot water with the other elders at his church.”

Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#48 - Trey Ferguson on Discipleship and Reclaiming Scripture

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