Episode 42 features David Hayward, a name you may not be familiar with, but whose art you certainly are. Found everywhere as the @nakedpastor, David has a wide array of tools to share his message. In this episode we cover a lot of ground starting with an introduction into David’s art ranging from writing, water-colours, to his widely successful cartoons. As the #deconstruction picks up attention around social media, David recounts early moments engaging in deconstruction in thought and practice. We later discuss a shared connection from our pastor days in the Vineyard Church, and end with a hopeful picture for the future. Learn more about the man behind the illustrations.

Show Notes

  • Introduction David Hayward
    • Examining art in writing and cartoons. The birth of the NakedPastor
  • Deconstruction
    • Writing on #deconstruction before it was ‘cool’;
    • Examining Derrida and other early thinkers;
    • What it looks like to enter a process of deconstruction, on open spaces;
    • Questions for everything;
    • Challenging religious foundations;
  • Vineyard
    • When you no longer fit the institution;
    • Stories about LGBTQ affirming churches;
    • art and themes
    • Capturing wide spaciousness
  • Freedom
    • exploring the language of freedom connected to liberation
    • What does community look like moving forward?


Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#42 - Deconstruction with the NakedPastor - David Hayward

Find all of David’s links at this website, including his store: https://nakedpastor.com/

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Intro and Outro are tracks from Drew Brown’s album, “Hymns for the Architect.”  http://www.drewbrownmusic.com/.