Part 2 of this 2 part series. We dig into Chandra Crane’s book, Mixed Blessing. Embracing the Fullness of Your Multi-Ethnic Identity. To the multi-ethnic listeners out there, you’re up, you’re not a mistake!, your time is now.

About Chandra:

“So what are you?” Chandra Crane knows what it’s like to get that question. She has a Thai birth father, an European American mother, and an African American father who adopted her when she was five. With this mixed multiethnic and multicultural background, she has keenly felt the otherness of never quite fitting in. Where do people of mixed ethnicity belong?


Those of us who have multiethnic backgrounds may have pain surrounding our mixed heritage. But we also have the privilege and potential to serve the Lord through our unique experiences, if we root ourselves in him. Crane explores what Scripture and history can teach us about ethnicity and how we can bring all of ourselves to our sense of identity and calling.


You can discover the fullness of who you are. Find out how your mixed identity can be a blessing to yourself and to the world around you.

Find Chandra on Twitter, where you will find her links to more about her work. Her debut book is called, Mixed Blessing. Embracing the Fullness of Your Multi-Ethnic Identity. Available wherever books are sold.

Show Notes

  • Cartoons, comedies, cooking, and race neutral TV
  • Multi-ethnic Jesus (5 mins) and mixed existence
  • Multi-ethnic leaders set to lead
  • invitation to participate in God’s unfolding hope
  • multi-ethnic people have prophetic eyes (15 mins) and a super power
  • What do multi-ethnic people bring to the church today?
  • On superheros (22 mins)
  • Knowing the struggle of belonging (26 mins)
  • Matthew’s lineage (29 mins) and welcoming to the nations
  • Monoethnicity and white normativity
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#34 - To Multi-Ethnic People feat. Chandra Crane and her Book 'Mixed Blessing' (Part 2)

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