In this edition, deconstruction at its finest. A story about coming out of fundamentalism, and into a journey of deconstruction. We mark pathways out of white supremacy and white evangelicalism. My guest, @the_decolonized_Christian from Instagram: This account exposes the church’s colonial past from an anti-colonial perspective; amplifying postcolonial voices. He is a guest on St??:lo?–Coast Salish territory. You can find more link details here:

Show Notes

  • Intro of the_decolonized_christian
  • Unpacking shared stories on deconstruction.
  • Noticing and experiencing the cracks in religious formation (11 mins)
  • Facing the crossroads; to leave or stay in church and faith (13 mins)
  • Unpacking the white evangelical church experience and power (18 mins)
  • Marking points along the journey of deconstruction (22 mins)
  • Catalysts to deconstruction (25 mins)
  • Tools and ideas on re-learning and re-imagining (30 mins)
  • Crisis of faith (32 mins)
  • Dismantling white supremacy for white people (35 mins)
  • Critique to the institutional church (37 mins)
  • Tensions of staying in the church (44 mins)
  • Good News for all creation (47 mins)
  • Link to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report.
  • Indictment on white evangelicalism (53 mins)
  • Intro and Outro courtesy of Jon Corbin. Interlude courtesy of Dru Bex.
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#32 - the_decolonized_christian on deconstruction


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