Recorded days after the 2020 American inauguration, Rohadi chats with author and spiritual formation director, Charlotte Donlon. This two part series begins with Charlotte’s introduction, a bit about her people, and then what it’s like to live Birmingham, Alabama. The heart of white Christian evangelicalism and its cultural grip on the region comes with challenges. We discuss bearing witness in a time of disconnection and start to unpack the question of vulnerability in faith.

Connect and find more about Charlotte online Visit her website: and follow her on social media including: Twitter and Instagram. Her latest book, “The Great Belonging: How Loneliness Leads Us to Each Other” is now available.

Episode Notes:



  • Introduction to Charlotte Donlan. 0:00
  • Who are your people and where are you from? 3:24
  • The power of power in Birmingham. 12:41
  • Living in a suburb of Birmingham. 17:03
  • Why do churches sanitize the gospel? 23:59
  • White Supremacy in the church. 29:16
  • How loneliness leads us to each other. 34:37
  • Why loneliness is not a problem. 41:09
  • The mystery of loneliness and blogging. 47:44


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Faith in a Fresh Vibe
Faith in a Fresh Vibe
#26 - Loneliness, Vulnerability, and Surviving the South - Charlotte Donlon (Part 1)