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Updates, Odds, and Sodds

Not a lot of blog posting going on here, that’s partly by design, and partly because I don’t have much to write on. (The election in the US also adds significant noise to the blogosphere, a topic I don’t really...

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December Hiatus

You’ll be seeing a lot less from me this month on the blog. I’m trying to market my colouring book, Soul Coats. I’m also trying to complete my manuscript from a book I started last year. Blogging takes a lot of...

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2015 Top 10 Posts from

This past year marked a shift in the central focus of my blog. Here are the top 10 highlights of the past year. Top 10 Posts of 2015 Why Big Churches in Canada May Hit Troubled Waters 10 Questions to Ask Before Embarking on...

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Contributions: I write most of the posts at Calgary Missional Church, a church I started in 2009. Read my blog for more ideas in this area. I also serve with The Mosaic Network, an organization catalyzing...

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