We all had extra time to read in 2020. Hot on the shelves were books on justice and racism. I have a few in that realm, and a longer reading list over on my GoodReads profile. These are books I read last year, just over half that came out in 2020. Hopefully, you will find something that suits your interests.

The Cross and the Lynching Tree – James H Cone

I picked up two Cone books in 2019 and finally read this one in the Spring. It’s a critical read for all, especially those who’ve been told less than stellar things about liberation theology.

Healing Racial Trauma. The Road to resilience. – Sheila Wise Rowe

This was a book I was excited to read. BIPOC readers will draw close to her storytelling and framework to identify and hopefully start healing from racialized trauma (specifically in the church).



Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson

You’ve seen the movie, now read the book. Heartbreaking reality of the justice system in the USA.

Who Will be a Witness? Igniting activism for God’s justice, love, and deliverance. – Drew G.I. Hart

I met Dr. Hart in Montreal a couple years back. He’s a younger theologian paving a path for new imagination in the church today. Look out for a podcast with Drew and me as we talk about this book. A must read.



Evangelical Theologies of Liberation and Justice

If you grew up in the evangelical church you’ll appreciate this edition. Various theologians of colour contribute chapters. I was struck by a number of formative shifts that came out from this book.

The Great Belonging – Charlotte Donlon

I value Charlotte’s honesty and vulnerability in this book. Not designed as a devotional, but it can be consumed as such. The Great Belonging is a challenge/expose to our cultural approach to loneliness.



Honourable Mention:

Might from the Margins: Dr. Dennis Edwards





Honourable Canadian Mention:

You are Enough by Jonathan Puddle




Fiction Pick:

Indians on Vacation – Thomas King