If I had to sum up 2018 it would be a year of travel and books. My second book, Thrive, was released in the Summer after a 3 year journey. How it came together and the new relationships forged in its final creation are all stories about God’s hand at work. Ask me about it sometime. 2018 was also a year of travel with the most speaking I’ve done. That’s another win for me. My writing and blogging is intended to spur new thinking surrounding Christianity and culture. Some of it is “getting out there” and every opportunity to share ideas with fellow innovators is something I value and enjoy.

Although I had less time to blog due to the book, I have planned more posts for 2019, coupled with a shift in focus towards a diversity project I’m working on with some new friends. I’ll release details on that soon, but let’s say it will fill the gap for Christians (and leaders) of colour in this country and beyond.

Without further ado, the top ten posts by visits (not necessarily publication date) from 2018.

Curiously, I wrote an extensive series on race and the church, albeit that was written in 2017. I will turn that series into a pdf resources shortly.

Also honorable mention for a piece I wrote for the New Leaf Network that was among their most read posts: https://www.newleafnetwork.ca/welcome-to-cypher-church-the-church-for-the-outsiders/