What does it look like to build and be a part of faith communities that are fully inclusive and thriving? Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, church planter, or parishioner; someone who is part of a traditional church or doing something unconventional, come take part in Mosaic’s annual conference gathering in Calgary.

If you’re in Southern Alberta, consider making the trek for the weekend. On the Sunday we are gathering for the Mosaic Feast, which is a combined worship service of a number of smaller churches.

I’ll be speaking at this conference as one of the leaders of the Mosaic. We’re going to centre our conversation on some contemporary issues that the church has dropped the ball on and that leaders seem to lack competency, well, leading through. Topics such as gender, sexuality, and race, will be explored through conversations throughout the day. I’ll be sharing in the morning around the idea of deconstructing faith in healthy ways.

The full day conference will feature two tracks and multiple speakers sharing their experience, stories, and pathways to build a longer table for all.

Featuring plenary sessions from: Nikayla Reize, Rohadi Nagassar, Tim Shultz.

Other guests include: Dan Bent, Tony Snow, and Rob Scott.

A full list of speakers and sessions to come.

Cost: $25 at the door. Includes coffee and snacks. Lunch not provided. We will break for lunch at the many options in Bowness. Hope to see you there.