I had the privilege to record a podcast with Bryan from the Engaging Missions Podcast a couple of months ago. The episode is out and I encourage you to have a listen. I included the episode highlights below. We nchat about innovation in the church and developing new competencies to branch out of the common struggle of closed church community.

As time goes on, the Church is re-learning how to engage with culture. This can be seen in churches across the United States. There are many who have no connection with the Church or have left it, and churches are searching for how to respond. Rohadi joins to talk about this issue. He is a church planter, entrepreneur, and writer. He works to change ideas about mission in American churches.

Rohadi shares about his experiences in church planting. Also, he discusses the importance of being open to failure in mission. Engaging with the community is crucial, and Rohadi reminds us all of that.

Episode highlights include.


  • [00:23] – Episode summary
  • [02:14] – Introduction
  • [04:25] – Becoming the hands and feet of God
  • [05:34] – Understanding the contemporary church
  • [07:55] – Taking on the role of co-creating
  • [10:09] – A change in perspective
  • [13:48] – Learning how to engage community well
  • [16:48] – Changing the paradigm
  • [19:52] – What should we lay aside in this time?
  • [24:42] – The power of disruption and incremental change
  • [28:06] – How to allow for failure in mission
  • [31:26] – Building relational equity
  • [35:18] – How can we best pray for you?
  • [38:01] – Closing thoughts