Fixating on bad news, worst possible outcomes, the SKY IS FALLING!, changes the way you view the world. It also changes you.

In my home province we just had a polarizing election where old conservative ideology reclaimed power. In America, the Mueller Report became public (a redacted version mind you), setting off another firestorm of lament and anger.

Division, distraction, and derision dull our hearts.

Today is Good Friday, a defining moment to replay in the Christian faith. The triumph of Easter Sunday must push through the death and burial of Good Friday first. There is no climax to God’s story of hope for all creation unless there’s a triumph that fixes all of the wrongs. It is Jesus who makes a way to overcome once and for all the greatest barrier that holds back this hope. A barrier that disconnects us all from living out the fullness of our own lives.

Death is the barrier and death transpired on Good Friday at the cross.

The story could end here. The violence of the cross could be the place where we sit and dwell. For 3 days and nights it seemed true.

But the story doesn’t end on Friday.

On Sunday the triumph. The tomb is opened and all is revealed–it’s EMPTY! Jesus defeats the disconnection by defeating death in all of its forms.

A new story coincides with resurrection. New possibilities and hope begins. An age where all wrongs are totally and completely turned right is upon us.

But there’s a problem. A tension if you will.

This age hasn’t come completely to pass in our time. If you look the world is still full of bad news. We dwell in a liminal time of a “now but not yet”. A hope fully upon us now, but the mess remains as we await final completion–the not yet. Which begs a question.

Where are you living?

Is it in the never, now, or not yet?

A life of division, distraction, and derision dulls our hearts. It’s a life that, like the movie Groundhog Day, stays to replay the hell of Good Friday over and over again.

Or do you believe and live in the now. Asking yourself, what can I do now to point, believe, and live a story of Good News over bad?

It’s in our humanity to drive towards constant passion and connection of everlasting love. All things discovered in Christ who offers news life. This is the not yet we strive towards– the BEST LIFE possible. But we can also become overcome by bad news, which keep us dull.

Take note, I’m not saying the BEST means the easiest life. Rather the best in terms of living full life that reflects Good News not bad. By Good News I mean literally Jesus, the one who offers eternal proof of old passing away and NEW coming in our midst. The best life NOW with the best life TO COME.

But to get there means leaving Friday for the daybreak of a new hope on Sunday.

So in this day of tension, the final day where we wait, where are you living?