Suffering a loss in a relationship either through a breakup or a death is challenging. It’s normal to shy away from processing hurt directly either through avoidance or dwelling in the past. Some of these emotions are expected, but not healthy when we cling to them. Some ways of processing hurt is naturally gravitating towards times of happiness, but even here we can get stuck in an unhealthy cycle replaying scenarios we’ll ultimately never have again.

Taking appropriate time to deal with hurt is crucial to healing.

If you’ve ever dealt with profound loss before then you may know there are some necessary tricks, literally, to improve. Like reminding your body and mind in daily (maybe hourly) to look forward to life’s potential rather than exhaustively looking back to the los. It’s work to develop a more positive outlook because as humans we have trouble seeing what’s in front of us. Instead we try to reclaim or relive the best we had.

Then there’s a faith piece. A belief that,

God can see clearly the best that’s in front of us; our best yet to come.

Or at least that’s what we cling to in faith.

Daily reminders that God is in control and has our best interests in mind for tomorrow is in the very least a source of hope. This is, of course, a struggle to believe in, especially when you’re going through upheaval. But then again, that’s what faith is all about, most of the time you’re on board, but you routinely have moments (daily, hourly, momentarily) where you want to pack it in and give up.

And that’s OK, just work to come back into promise that your best is still to come. Maybe not the easiest, but the best.

With James 3:8, and,

I’m sure now I’ll see God’s goodness
in the exuberant earth.
Stay with God!
Take heart. Don’t quit.
I’ll say it again:
Stay with God.

(Psalm 27:13-14 MSG)

Stay on the path. Stay with God. The best is coming.