In my upcoming book, Thrive, I discuss a phenomenon that detracts from the success of the contemporary church. It has to do with learning and chasing the story and results of celebrity pastors. I’m not talking only the ones with fame and fortune, I’m talking about the lesser known success stories from rags to mega. Typically, large churches become the example to emulate for every smaller expression. The results are usually failure. Small can’t emulate big. They don’t have the same culture, tools, or resources.

Rather, small needs to look at itself in the light of local context. We have to consider what it means to collaborate with like minds rather than seeking the success du jour that “transform” our boring little community into a success. Turns out, success has nothing to with whether you have more bums listening to the preaching. It’s about combined witness to your neighborhood and city.

Stay tuned for my section Ministry Pornography in my book. Until then, I’m at V3 talking more about chasing, “Celebrity Success“.