Well that’s not quite the title, but it’s close. My book is in the final stages of completion after an arduous 3 year journey. It’s gone through 2 re-writes and almost went through another until I decided against it. I gotta this one out of my hands and into yours!

Some of you know that initially I was trying to use a literary device called the Hero’s Journey to communicate the change and process churches need to undergo to survive and ultimately thrive in a post-Christian context. It was a neat idea, but ultimately lacked some pieces to be a really good book. I’ve switched the central metaphor, while keeping the content, to centre around turning ideas and dreams for better REAL.

Anybody can daydream for something better, but it takes special skills to turn ideas real. My book seeks to address the gap in Christian leadership to build competency for the church to thrive in a post-Christian culture. I’ve noticed most books and ideas seek out ways to address church decline, but few actually posit useful ways to work within post-Christendom. Most try to connect with outsider culture then attempt to lure back to the unchanged Christian Sunday experience.

Not good enough, at least if we (the church) want to remain relevant in shifting cultures.

When can you get your hands on a copy? I’ll have some previews soon, and hoping to have the final copies printed for an April delivery! Stay tuned for more updates!