I finished the manuscript of my second book last Summer, and started the process of finding specific publishers. This book will sit at around 200+ pages and deals with innovating the church to thrive in a post-Christian world. There are not very many books that talk about translating the contemporary church into a new culture. Most try to connect to post-Christendom in order to attract back into known traditional Christianity. This won’t work as culture slowly loses any Christian memory.

Within 20 years over 1/2 of North America will boast no religious affiliation at all. The contemporary church is unprepared. My book will bridge this gap. When is it coming?

If you know the book industry, most major publishers won’t look at manuscripts unless you’re working with an agent. So you need an agent first, but most agents don’t pick up brand new authors. In publishing, platform is everything, or simply, can the author move thousands of books on their own. (I don’t see why more authors with significant platforms would ever publish with a publishing house, but this is how the market works.)

I did manage to get my manuscript in front of the publisher of my choice (thanks to a providential recommendation), and the feedback was good. But can I move thousands through my platform? Probably not.

The intent from the beginning was to self-publish if my first choices didn’t pan out, so that’s where I’m at now.

What can you expect? The process to publish has kicked into high-gear and a late-Spring/early-Summer release date is in order. In the ensuing months I’ll be releasing some new resources and chapter giveaways to whet your appetite. The best way to receive alerts about the book, and the content, will be through the newsletter.

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