There are two conferences upcoming in my city that I want to bring to your attention. Both of them local mini conferences featuring local voices. All to often, conferences are a grand production that leverages bringing in a big name to attract attendees. These two are different in they specifically and intentionally raise up the local practitioner.

The first is one is the, “RE-Imagine” conference put on by The Mosaic. If you’re a church planter, outsider, out of the box thinker, innovator, or just trying to figure out how to live out the Gospel outside of the confines of the safe church walls, this is a must-see event. You’ll hear from a variety of local practitioners, and more importantly, network with like minds.

More details:

On behalf of The Mosaic, we invite you to “Re-Imagine!”

This celebration and learning event is for explorers, entrepreneurs, sojourners, truth seekers, pioneers, and practitioners living on the edge of inside bringing the good news of Jesus to their neighbourhoods, cities, and tribes.

We are creating a safe learning space where we “Re-Imagine” together the question: “What is the Good News?”

Our two day event takes place:

Friday, September 29th (7-9pm)
Cost: FREE!

Join us as we celebrate unity in diversity around the good news of Jesus again from the perspective of the Circle Dance of the Trinity! Come participate in an evening of worship and reflection. Story and the arts will animate our evening together!

Saturday, September 30th (9:30am-4pm)
Cost: $10 Cash or Cheque at the door

Join us as we participate in learning circles together! Local voices will guide our learning together as we further Re-Imagine the implications of the Good News and allow it to Re-Frame our imaginations.

Details: Coming soon.

Free Parking at the Venue

The next conference comes a week before, in Calgary too, and offers a one-day experience on self-care and mental wellness.

RIA: A 1-day conference experience designed for health and human services and creative professionals. Individuals working in related fields, who seek to incoporate wellness and creativity into their lives or workplace. This fall Listen, learn and interact with professionals merging arts and wellness.

Visit the Facebook link for more. I’ll be at both so if you’re coming flag me down.