I can’t add to the churning plight emerging in Charlottesville. It’s there where the pent up racist rage building in America is tangibly emptying itself unto the streets for the country to watch.

I, like many of you, am stunned with these pictures over the past day. Most will become iconic.

For a terse overview of the broad issues read this thread:

Why would I post on something I’m so far away from?

It’s true, I’m removed from the American problem of race. Canadians have our own issue, probably not systemic racism to blacks, but to aboriginal peoples. But one thing Canadians have a dubious distinction of is being polite. Churches in Canada largely remain silent in the face of contentious issues (unless it disturbs issues of conservative moralism).

Staying silent in the wake of growing hate filled racism is being complicit with the problem.

Rather, I denounce racism in all of its forms. White supremacy, naziism, alt-right, you name it. Any disguise attempting to legitimize hatred or obfuscate menacing evil will not stand. I operate in solidarity with the peacemakers, of Charlottesville and beyond.

I hope you’ll do the same.

Those that claim to be followers of Jesus have a role to play, an active and public role to condemn violence, evil, and point to peacemaking and reconciliation.