***Updated November 20th, 2017.***

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while. I’m posting as is, and will add over time, due to recent internet rage over #thingsonlychristianwomenhear that went viral on Twitter. Sarah Bessy started the revealing movement and later added this response,

I was surprised, not by the expected response from conservative men threatened by the loss of their inherited privilege, but by the number of Christian women slamming other women sharing their wounds at the hands of the contemporary (mostly evangelical) church. Whether it’s privileged women decrying ‘ultra feminists’ marching in the Women’s March, to the women in my own church who barely approached the woman preacher that one time we had her on, there’s a cultural problem in Christendom that continues to oppress women in ministry.

(Since then, other campaigns have come out ranging from #medtoo to #churchtoo.)

When privilege feels threatened, a final attempt to preserve to power includes ostracizing people for their ideas. For example, Christianity Today posted this subversive article, the first in a series challenging the emerging popularity of women voices, in of all places, the internet. Men and women of privilege are protecting the last remnants of institutional prestige, and it looks bad. (I state last remnants because the people who decry the rise in voice of women thinkers are part of churches and denominations that are dying.) Some are rightfully calling it out.

I digress.

Here is a running list of resources tailored by me that features strong, established, and emerging women giving voice to a new conversation. I know this list is incomplete; if you have something to add please leave a comment.