You haven’t heard a lot from me over the past Summer months. I realized recently, (I’m slow) that I tend to take entire Summer’s off away from major projects. Blogging is one of the victim’s to the necessary season of rest. You can still catch me in various places including Cypher Church, and New Leaf.

This upcoming Fall will produce some exciting new things.

  • My manuscript it done for, “Save the Dying Church”. First readers have it in their hands and I’ll be actively looking for a publishers soon.
  • A new writing project is in the works. Codenamed: “Remarkable”, will be another foray into telling the Gospel in a language a post-Christian world can comprehend. Our faith needs to make sense in a new world, and most of the books out there–actually almost all–are written to career Christians. I’m doing the same, but I’m taking you out of the confines of your safe faith and into a language where your faith not only makes sense, but plays a crucial role in our neighborhoods, cities, and nations.
  • If you’re in Calgary, a local church planting conference will take place at the end of September. Follow my Facebook for details as they come.

Of course, I also have my Adult Coloring book which is out. It’s sold really well in Canada. Thanks, guys! In America, not so much. The book industry is a brutal place to try to engage, and none more difficult than the American market where utility far outweighs beauty. I don’t know if that’s a testament to that country….

Look out for a regular rhythm in blog posts come September. Until then, enjoy the rest of Summer!