Although I can’t confirm the title, (publishers usually have final say), I can confirm my manuscript is DONE! Writing my first book (if you don’t count my adult coloring book) was a huge process. What started at 90,000 words two years ago, re-written from top to bottom, now sits at around 55K. It’s in a final draft form that sits in the hands of a few first readers.

What’s the book about?

Picture your favorite hero from a book or film. The hero’s journey begins in their mundane ordinary world. A call to adventure lures them out of obscurity to face a problem in a special world to confront new tests, allies, and enemies. Eventually, the journey reaches a final ordeal where the hero seizes triumph before returning home changed.

This book is a work of non-fiction where the reader assumes the role of protagonist in their own hero’s journey. The problem? Christianity in North America is disintegrating. The solution? Qualify more prospective hero’s to respond to their own daydreams of better by embarking on God’s own call to adventure that seeks to restore neighborhoods, cities, and beyond. The church must re-learn how to become inspiring storytellers of the gospel in a post-Christian world in order to face the ordeal of decline and ultimately survive and thrive. This book is a guide to turn this dream real.

I don’t overtly rely on it, however, being Canadian, and largely outside of conventional church bounds, offers a unique and thoroughly useful way to see the world beyond the safe confines of the church walls.

I will be releasing information on how you can get a sneak peek soon. For now, I’m re-starting the process to find a publisher.