In 5 days the most popular post EVER on this blog, and that goes for any post I’ve had up for 8+ years, was this one from last week on the recent American election, evangelicals, and Donald Trump. Apart from the occasional odd comment (mostly from 65+ white women, go figure), conversation has been good and has raised a few interesting discussions. Of course, the question is, where do we go from here?

Despite going kicking and screaming, the unique brand of American evangelicalism will spend a good portion of the ensuing years licking wounds and bandaging the hemorrhaging. It’s easy to point out the emperor has no clothes. It’s quite another to offer some worthy ideas and solutions to the problem.

Discussions are key, but I’m not exactly immersed in US politics, so I can’t lead in that arena. However, I can see where American evangelicalism is going, particularly when it comes to transitioning from an era of cultural prestige to one on the margins.

Over the next month or so, balancing less blogging to finish my book (someday!), I’ll meander some ideas around this past US election, and ways to move forward, even if the future for evangelicalism appears bleak.