I have an idea.

I know a lot of Christians who are set in their pursuit of community. Strong community, healthy community, growing community, even just plain ol community. Trouble is, what looks good in word doesn’t always translate into practice.

Some would consider their gatherings around a Sunday service an example of deep community. It’s not because it misses the connection to the rest of the week (and our lives). There’s a movement, particularly among millennials and below, that views simple intentional community as the crux of Christian faith. But being small yet intentional misses the connection into the body.

Our pursuits of community in a variety of form isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s incomplete. There is, I believe, a deeper level worth pursuing.

I firmly believe that there is unseen power and depth with intentional community centered around Jesus. I’d call it church. We’ve managed to usurp that word to mean service or building, but it means the people (which we know, but it’s hard to think differently about that word).

Community on its own doesn’t necessarily seek depth. Church stretches into deeper (or at least it should), and it manages to do this in combination with others on the same pursuit to make their part of the world better.

Stop Using The Word Community Unless You Mean It


I’m starting a new venture in, ironically, community.

I don’t know what to call it. Church plant? Small group? Kingdom expression? Its moniker is irrelevant, I’m searching to combine like-minded people who want to change the world. Sounds trite, but that’s the dream. I want to combine a bunch of awesome ‘I’s’ and turn them into advocates of ‘We’.

So that’s the idea. The start of one at least….