…I had worked so long away from the core of consumer Christianity (worship in music) that I forgot how to worship….

Mark 12:30-31

The missional movement lives by the profound Greatest Commandment, but have we taken it too far?

There’s a conversation I routinely have with Christians who are so deeply entrenched in Christian culture they can’t see how far away they live from fundamental commandements of Jesus. The insular consumer Christian has literally killed Christendom (which may be a good thing).

The Greatest Commandment is just that, and all other rules stem from the rule of love. Love your literal neighbor is emphatically singled out by Jesus. Yet few Christians, let alone leaders, even know the last name of their neighbor, their dreams, their hopes, their fears.

I’m bothered by this.

After a recent conversation with someone close, that internal bother spilled into a battle with God.

I got to praying,

“How can Christian be so entrenched in Christian culture yet disregard their neighbor? Come on God, show me what to say. How is 6 nights a week doing church worship evenings or bible studies a part of your Kingdom call? Do they not know the importance of your Great Commandment? Love the Lord your God….” I couldn’t get past this part before I was stopped in my tracks….

It was so clear. I was the problem.

If Mark 12:30-31 is our path, the average evangelical is in the ditch happily bumping along their merry Christian way uninterested in intentional relationships found in their neighborhood. But, missional people (or maybe just me) are in the other ditch having thrown themselves into their neighborhoods at the expense of forgetting, ironically, the Great Commandment–love the Lord your God….

I needed to repent.

The things I was struggling with in others was actually something I was missing in my own formation. I needed better spiritual practices. I had worked so long away from the core of consumer Christianity (worship in music) that I forgot how to worship….

The Love your God, and love your neighbor (which by the way has another component, ‘as yourself’), requires a meandering between both/and. If we lack either we fall short. If we struggle with living out both I think we end up on the right path.

How about you? Are you in a ditch?