**Originally posted on May 12, 2011. Also visit this exceptional post by Mike Breen on Leadership and Discipleship.**

Churches seem to have a complex between the ‘leaders’ and the ‘disciples’. Some confuse the two, others don’t know the difference. Still more try to differentiate the two but only put resources into one–usually ‘leadership development’.

Conventional churches today are marred with a complex of creating ‘leaders’ over ‘disciples’. The posture of our churches looks more like transplanting ‘DNA’ onto churchgoers to fuel church programs rather than releasing people to glimpse Kingdom in the places they already exist.

Case in point, a couple years ago I remember a Leadership Summit where a giant chasm between the speakers from a church context and and those in a secular business context. The ‘secular’ leaders were all about creativity and decentralized leadership. Bill Hybels talked about how to run a good board meeting.

There’s a disconnect.

There’s a fundamental difference between a church that builds disciples and one that builds leaders.

One supports a ‘come and see’ model of church, the other a ‘go and be’.

Make no mistake, leadership is not the problem. We need the kinds of leaders seen in Ephesians 4.

But given the limited resources we have, is it better to develop the transferable business skills, or spend 2 years to build one disciple who will then replicate in another 2 years?

One is crucial to the organic life of a community, the other is a key cog in a usually poorly oiled machine.