Summer is for conferences, and August is for Leadership Summit, the juggernaut leadership conference put on by Willow Creek church.

Every year thousands attend conferences. The hope is to kick-start the next phase, find inspiration, develop skills for another level.

But there’s a simple problem (apart what kind of impact–if any–conferences have).

There’s a false belief that if we raise up the individual with skills an organization lacks, it somehow benefits the community as a whole. This is usually untrue. Training that builds the individual usually stays with the individual.

I remember my last Leadership Summit, about 10 years ago. I thought it was fascinating and full of transferable ideas…to my business. To the church community at the time? Not so much.

There’s an infrequent time to seek the professional outsider to inform your community. Most of the time expertise lies close to home, and it’s our job to identify, unlock, and share those skills from within. If not your immediate community, your city is full of the skills/expertise/inspiration you’re looking for.