Routinely heard in the halls of any church building, “God will use you for his purpose!” or, “God can use you no matter how worthy you may feel”. Well intentioned motivation but very wrong things to say.

The hope and dream God has for all of creation can unfold with our without you. That’s hard for many Christians to accept especially if they’ve grown up with the idea justice or love or salvation only shows up when the a Christian appears preaching ‘good news’.

But God’s Kingdom doesn’t need the church. The church most certainly should be a reflection of heaven on earth and is a powerful body, but it’s not a requirement.

No, God doesn’t use or even need you.


Don’t be, there’s something better than being used.

A drug user ‘uses’ drugs. Users take what they need to fill consumption, and then discard. Your purpose isn’t to be used by God. Your value is greater and deeper than you can image.

God invites you to be a co-heir of the unfolding hope. Co-heirs are given inheritance–that means you are a child of God! God as Father is possible only because you have been wonderfully chosen to be a son or daughter. That means you are a cherished participant given a full inheritance as owner and family.

What will you do with this inheritance?